Environmental protection policy

All the new tankers of Sovcomflot Group have an additional class notation confirming their high environmental compatibility. This is another proof of the responsible attitude of PAO Sovcomflot to environmental issues.

In 2019 no major spills of chemicals, oil or fuel from the fleet were registered.

However, Sovcomflot Group’s operating specifics are associated with certain man-made environmental impacts, which include emissions from different types of fuel burned by ship engines and discharge of wastewater generated by ships.

The Sovcomflot Group environmental protection policy is an integral component of the overall management system for safe operation of ships and pollution prevention established in accordance with the International Safety Management Code, which lays down the principles, goals, objectives and key areas of the company’s environmental safety activities.

The main goals of the SCF environmental protection policy are to increase environmental sustainability of the fleet and to raise the capitalisation of the Group by ensuring the reliability and environmental safety of the services rendered.

The Environmental Protection Policy provides for the following activities:

  • Environmental monitoring and audit;
  • Programmes aimed at increasing the competencies and awareness of personnel in relation to environmental protection;
  • Investment programmes to increase the energy efficiency and environmental safety of core operations;
  • Environmental risk management programmes, which include risk identification and assessment, implementation of environmental protection measures, and monitoring and assessing their adequacy.

Sovcomflot Group has in place an environmental management system, which was established in accordance with the principles, goals and objectives of the Environmental Protection Policy, and encompasses the activity of all employees of the Group, from ships’ crews to top management.

The Sovcomflot Group’s Green Charter - a declaration of commitments on sustainable development - was approved in March 2019. The document pays special attention to measures to fight climate change by using innovative technologies and raising personnel awareness on environmental protection.

The Green Charter lays down the company’s commitment to develop an integrated management system based on compliance with industry-specific international regulations and standards so as not only to meet expectations of its stakeholders, but also to exceed them in some cases.

The company also declares its intention to continue implementing ‘green’ technologies, including energy saving ones, as well transparent energy consumption calculation methods. Reducing carbon footprint from the fleet while maintaining high economic indicators is one of the key directions for development specified in the document.

In the HR management area, the company confirms its commitment to create favourable working conditions and provide opportunities for enhancing professional skills to existing employees and trainees, ensure gender equality and access to qualified medical aid, and pursue a «zero tolerance» policy towards corruption in any form.